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NECE - Research Center in Business Sciences


Estrada do Sineiro, s/n
6200-209 Covilhã
+40° 17' 19.45" -7° 30' 54.38"

NECE Research Unit in Business Sciences is a Department of Management and Economics research centre at the University of Beira Interior (UBI).

The NECE mission is to catalyze and drive pioneering research in the business sciences integrating knowledge and methods from across the fields of business science. NECE aims to achieve this high level of scientific merit, of international benchmark standard, by promoting quality in research and developing new collaborative networks to enhance the R&D unit’s profile in the international research panorama.

The R&D unit seeks to support research strongly related to firms and other institutions in its region, as well as increase the prevailing level of internationalisation, whether through disseminating research, establishing partnerships for research and advanced training or through contributing to international research projects.

Thus, NECE intends to assert and strategically position itself as a research unit of national and international reference in the field of business sciences. The NECE scientific research agenda is organized into three research groups:

i) Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation: This research group aims to encourage entrepreneurship, competitiveness and the innovation of small businesses through different approaches and perspectives contributing to an entrepreneurial and sustainably competitive society.

ii) Organizational Management: This group mainly focuses on the management of for profit and nonprofit organizations taking into consideration their respective micro and macro environments. The research group thus studies management and its relationship with sustainability, reputation, corporate social responsibility, philanthropic non-profits, public organizations, stakeholder well-being, accountability, climate change and behavioural ethics.

iii) Economics and Finance: this group brings about the publication of high quality articles dealing with issues in general economics, including energy economics, and finance, which impact on national and global economies to provide an international forum for applied E&F market research and covering energy economics and corporate and banking and risk finance alongside interrelated fields. This also incorporates the links between the real and financial facets to the economy, forecasting and recent developments in econometric techniques applicable to economics and finance research.

A lead researcher coordinates each group and strives to promote and define the group’s action strategies, streamline research activities and foster scientific production.

The NECE strategic challenge involves increasing its scientific research outputs in order to take up an international positioning as a recognized R&D unit in the business sciences field. Within this context, the 2015-2020 Strategic Program (SP) is based on the following strategic priorities:

A) Increase scientific productivity and the overall contribution to international academia on the fields of business and economics;

B) Contribute to disseminating activities and knowledge transfers;

C) Intensify the Academy-Industry relationships as a regional strategy;

D) Carry out advanced level training.

The aim of these strategic priorities involves encouraging and fostering of NECE member scientific skills so that they hold the ability to respond to new trends and leverage organizational knowledge transfers to society in creative and innovative ways.


Scientific Coordinator: João José de Matos Ferreira
Vice Coordinator: Ricardo José Rodrigues
Estrada do Sineiro
6200-209 Covilhã
Phone +351 275 319 600


Data da última atualização: 11-10-2018
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