Advanced Course on Fluorescence Microscopy and Image Analysis

Geral   23 de maio de 2022

On-site theoretical lectures and hands-on sessions

27th June to 1st July 2022

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Fluorescence Microscopy Unit :: Health Sciences Research Centre (CICS-UBI) :: Universidade da Beira Interior :: Covilhã (Portugal)

The microscopy world is invisible to our eyes, but it is an invaluable tool in the medical and biological fields. Fluorescence microscopy is the most rapidly expanding microscopy technique that allows the visualization and identification of small molecules and sub-microscopic cellular components with high specificity from tissues or organs to a single cell. But besides the beautiful images, microscopy is just matrices of numbers!
This course will provide an introduction to fluorescence microscopy and image analysis, from optical sectioning and cell live imaging to super-resolution.
The course comprises on-site theoretical lectures and hands-on sessions, where participants will be able to perform experiments and contact with different fluorescence microscopes, and to have an overview of some specific software platforms that can be used for microscopy data analysis.

Target Audience:
MSc, PhD students and research scientists who are interested in light/fluorescence microscopy and image analysis.

- Limited to 15 participants: for attending the complete course (theoretical + hands-on sessions).
- Unlimited number of participants: for attending only theoretical lectures.

The course will be taught in English.

- Introduction to fluorescence microscopy: methods and applications
- Fluorescence microscopy procedures, including image acquisition and analysis

Ana Raquel Costa (CICS-UBI, Portugal)
Jorge Valero (INCL-US, Spain)
Laura Machado (ZEISS, Portugal)
Luísa Cortes (CNC-UC,Portugal)
Mafalda Martins Dinis (CICS-UBI, Portugal)
José Rino (iMM-UL, Portugal)
Telmo Pereira (CEDOC-NOVA, Portugal)

Registration Deadline:
Applicants should fill in the registration form until June 20th, 2022.

Registration will only be validated after submitting the registration form and sending the bank transfer confirmation by e-mail to course coordination.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After registration, and before proceeding with the bank transfer, please wait for the confirmation sent by the course organizers to the applicant's e-mail.

Registration Fees:
- Theoretical lectures: 20 EUR (includes access to theoretical course materials, coffee breaks from theoretical sessions, and participation certificate)
- Complete course (theoretical lectures + hands-on sessions): 150 EUR (includes access to all course materials, all coffee breaks and lunches, and participation certificate)

Registration fees should be paid through bank transfer to the following account number:
- IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 2727 2335 0205 1

Graça Baltazar (CICS-UBI)
Ana Raquel Costa (CICS-UBI)
Catarina Ferreira (CICS-UBI)
Mafalda Martins Dinis (CICS-UBI)
Luísa Cortes (CNC-UC)

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