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Dissertation/ Project/Internship in Fashion Design

Code 12608
Year 2
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 48
Workload OT(60H)
Scientific area Design de Moda
Entry requirements -
Mode of delivery Tutorial
Work placements The student may choose to take a stage where it applies the knowledge acquired in the course Course units held. Applies the draft regulation of stage at the University of Beira Interior.
Learning outcomes To know defining objectives and work methodologies.
Generation of knowledge by means of scientific research and data analysis.
Application of scientific and practical multidisciplinary knowledge in real projects. To understand the principles of experiment/inquiry planning.
Syllabus Elaboration of an original research work, having branding and design scientific and practical foundation in objective and methodology definition, as well as in result interpretation and drawing of conclusions. Alternatively, writing a Work Project or development of an Internship with the writing of the respective Report.
Definition of subject to study. Elaboration of research work proposal. Methodology and research planning.
Research, analysis and treatment of bibliography about the subject. Designing and carry out of experimental component. Elaboration and application of inquiries. Statistical treatment of results. Analysis and discussion of results. Project and production of prototypes.
Conclusions and future perspectives.
Main Bibliography Pestana, M. H. E Gageiro, J. N. (1998), Análise de Dados para as Ciências Sociais: A Complementaridade do SPSS, Edições Silabo Draper, N. R. And Smith, H. (1998). Applied Regression Analysis. 3rd Edition. Wiley, New York.
J. Z. Flynn, I. M. Foster, (2009), Research Methods for the Fashion Industry, Berg Publishers, UK.
E. Stone, (2008), The Dynamics of Fashion, Berg, UK
Revistas Científicas:
Webgrafia e Base de Dados:
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria

The evaluation methodology is carried out in the performance of public evidence of work defense
dissertation / project / internship report, without the end of the 2nd year, reporting on the Jury. In
According to the Regulation of the Degree of Master of the UBI, a code is given in the scale of 0 to
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2022-01-27

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