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Dissertation or Internship with Report

Code 13565
Year 2
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 60
Workload OT(30H)
Scientific area Communication Sciences
Entry requirements Do not exist.
Mode of delivery To be defined in accordance to supervisor.
Work placements In newsmedia, when the student chooses to do so.
Learning outcomes To plan, develop and conclude a scientific research or a internship report.
The student must manage to elaborate a research plan, use research methodologies for scientific work, and produce a dissertation or report.
Syllabus This unit does not have previously planned contents - as defined in the DGESUP registry. Each student should develop specific work under supervision of a teacher, according to a chosen subject.
Main Bibliography To be defined according to each case between student and supervisor. Besides general bibliography, the following readings are advised: A - Berger, A.A. (1998), Media Research Techniques. London: Sage A - Bryant, J. y Zillmann, D. (coord.) (1996) Los efectos de los medios de comunicación: Investigaciones y teorías. Barcelona: Paidós. A - Hill, M. M e Hill, A. (2005). Investigação por questionário. Lisboa: edições Sílabo A - Igartua, J.J. e Humanes, M.L. (2004). Teoría e Investigación en Comunicación Social. Madrid: Sintesis A - Igartua, J. J. (2006.) Métodos Cuantitativos de Investigación en Comunicación. Barcelona: Bosh A - Pestana, M. H. e Gageiro, J. N. (2005). Análise da Dados para Ciências Sociais: a complementaridade do SPSS. Lisboa: Edições Sílabo A - Wimmer, R. D. e Dominick J. R. (1996). La Investigación Científica de los Medios de Comunicación. Barcelona: Bosh
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria After individual supervision, students will present the dissertation before a juri.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-10-05

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