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NOVA-LINCS UBI is the research center of NOVALINCS research unit located at the UBI. Its mission is to develop cutting edge scientific research in key areas of Computer Science and Informatics as defined by its strategic program, contribute to advanced education in the field, and share the produced knowledge, results, and innovation with users and communities within society. Towards consolidating its long-term objectives and its position as a reference research lab in its field, NOVA LINCS is committed to:

  • Sustaining the high profile international level of its research activities, fostering effective networking links with the relevant international and national scientific communities.
  • Promoting top quality post-graduate education in Computer Science and Informatics, contributing to consolidate an internationally competitive PhD level education at the host department.
  • Leveraging the results of its research activities in society, by pursuing and expanding existing partnerships and projects with companies and public institutions at the local, national, and international level.

The Research Activity of the center is scientifically organized around four expertise areas and their interplay

  • Computer Systems
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Multimodal Systems
  • Software Systems


Scientific Coordinator: Simão Patricio Melo de Sousa


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