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Entrepreneurship and Business Creation

Code 8251
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 7,5
Workload TP(30H)
Scientific area Management
Entry requirements No requirements.
Mode of delivery face to face
Work placements no
Learning outcomes At the end of the course the student should understand: 1- The concepts of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship in their various meanings and approaches. 2. The various factors that affect the entreprenurial process, namely the entrepreneur, the organization and the context 3- The various phases of the entrepreneurial process - from the recognition of the opportunity and the creation of a company, through growth, to the eventual withdrawal of the venture 4- The importance of small enterprises, their specificities and diversity 5- The specificities of particular forms of entrepreneurship, namely entrepreneurship by women, by ethnic minorities and in established organizations The student should also 6-Demonstrate critical ability 7-Demonstrate methodological and empirical theoretical consistency 8-Reveal autonomy 9-Show ability to communicate
Syllabus Entrepreneurship: Concepts, theories and models
The entrepreneur - main theories
Environment and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and public policy in the EU
Process and problems in setting up the business
The small businesses
Main Bibliography BIRLEY, S. e MUZYKA, D. (2000): Mastering Entrepreneurship: your single source guide to becoming a master of entrepreneurship, Prentice Hall.
BURNS, P. (Ed.) (1996): Small Business and Entrepreneurship, MacMillan, Houndmills.
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SCHEER, A-W, (2001): Start-ups are Easy, But…, Springer, Berlin
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.


Last updated on: 2019-05-08

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