Conference “The Science and Technology of Chemistry of Life”

24 de novembro de 2017  Conferência

João Queiroz, a professor at the University of Beira Interior and currently Director General of Higher Education, is the speaker of the conference “The Science and Technology of Chemistry of Life”, integrated in the programming of the Junior Academy of Sciences. It is addressed to all those interested in the subject of the lecture.

By definition we can say that Biochemistry consists of the study of the structure, organization and functions of living beings in molecular terms. Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or their derivatives, to manufacture or modify products or processes for a specific use.

If on the one hand it is important to know in detail the structure and metabolic function of biomolecules, on the other hand it is also important to use living organisms, or part of them, for the production of goods and services. Some examples of research will serve to illustrate this message

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