Electric bikes on the way to UBI

UBI   13 de novembro de 2017

The U-BIKE Operation UBI project will soon make electric bicycles available to the academic community.


The international tender for the purchase of 100 electric bicycles has already been awarded and the contract signed with the winning group of companies. Órbita Bicicletas Portuguesas Lda. and Empresa Ciclista Miralago S.A. will supply the vehicles, purchased under the UBIKE Operation UBI Project. At this time, the bikes are already being customized and will be delivered soon.

UBI students, teachers, researchers and employees can still sign up to use electric bicycles on their journeys, within a radius of approximately 30 kilometers.

The U-BIKE Portugal Project was developed under the Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources (PO SEUR) and, in general, aims to promote smooth mobility, in particular the bicycle, in academic communities, by supporting the acquisition of bicycles by higher education institutions.

It is a national project coordinated by the Institute of Mobility and Transport, I.P. (IMT), in which bicycles are awarded to academic communities, based on standards defined by Higher Education Institutions and in compliance with the General Regulation of the U-BIKE Portugal Project, for a long-term use that enhances the creation of regular habits the use of this means of transport.

More information:
Application form
Portal of U-BIKE UBI
Contact: ubike@ubi.pt

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