UBI Health Sciences Area in the top 500 of the world for THE

UBI   9 de novembro de 2017

Times Higher Education recognizes UBI’s teaching and research work.


The Health Sciences area of ​​the University of Beira Interior (UBI) was recognized, for the first time, as part of the 500 best in the world. The Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health Ranking integrated in Times Higher Education, places the teaching and research work done at the UBI in the 401-500 range.

This is a meritorious achievement, as it relates to a very competitive field that involves large investments around the world, and taking into account the youth of the Faculty of Health Sciences, established in 2001.

The ranking evaluated 13 indicators distributed by the five major missions of universities: teaching, research, number of citations, transfer of knowledge and international projection, in which UBI can see recognized the commitment made in innovative training methods and in a quality research center.

Medicine, Biomedicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Optometry and Vision Sciences are the main teaching and research areas of UBI, analyzed in this ranking.

The recently elected president of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Miguel Castelo Branco, considers the entry in the sectorial THE as "a fantastic result" and the starting point for an additional challenge: "In the next ranking we will want to be higher and therefore, we want to continue to affirm what has been a well-done, well-established work of an innovative teaching process that already proves and demonstrates the excellence, capacity and competence of our professionals. "

About 1,600 students study at the FCS, divided by undergraduate degrees, integrated masters, master's and doctorates degrees. About 350 professionals contribute to the training of these students.

The CICS - Center for Research in Health Sciences focuses research in the area. With approximately 200 researchers it is one of the units rated “Very Good” by the portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, and whose work also contributed to this entry in the ranking. “It is very gratifying to see that all the efforts of our researchers achieve this fantastic result, which fills us with pride and gives us the strength to continue on the road to excellence”, says Ana Paula Duarte, CICS coordinator.

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