Dresses created at UBI will be delivered to teenagers in Africa

Geral   24 de novembro de 2017

Before being distributed in orphanages, the productions of the Fashion Design students will be on display in Polo I.


The dresses created in the second edition of the "Xi-Coração" project are being exhibited. They were developed at the Fashion Design Curricular Unit of the 1st Cycle of Fashion Design. The pieces can be seen at the Galeria da Real Fábrica de Panos until near the end of January next year. They will be distributed in orphanages in Africa by the Non-Governmental Organization "Little Dresses for Africa".

The exhibition is made up of the clothing that was produced in the previous school year, under the guidance of the teacher Rafaela Norogrando, and will be developed again this year. The students were challenged to produce pieces of recycled textile material - such as old clothes, scraps of fabric or textile fibers - creating the dresses through a design methodology of fashion design and a cultural and sustainable approach, aimed at the social dimension of own design.

"It is a methodological teaching project that has had a very good result within the students. They are stimulated by this opening of doors to the world, work with affection and learn with pleasure and dedication, "stresses Rafaela Norogrando, adding that synergies were made with other UBI courses" and the support of all interested in collaborate is appreciated".

The dresses will be distributed in the African continent and, despite the difficulty in tracking where the dozens of pieces - usually more than 80 productions - are delivered, the UBI professor has records of their use in Angola, Mozambique and Kenya.

The current exhibition is open until January 25 and has the designation "Girls and Ours". The initiative also aims to collect pieces of clothing to deliver to the victims of the fires that occurred in Portugal, which will be added to the pieces that have already been raised for this purpose.

"We participated with the donation of our work material that had not been manipulated and that would have worthy conditions of use. We also bring toys and other objects, "explains Rafaela Norogrando.

A social responsibility project that mobilizes the academic community to support populations that are geographically closest and far from UBI.

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