3DS - Drug Discovery, Development and Safety




Coordinator: Adriana O. Santos
Vice-Coordinator: Márcio Rodrigues

The research group is mainly composed of pharmacists and chemists, with expertise in the complementary areas of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug analysis, pharmaceutical technology and clinical pharmacy. The group is focused on providing better technologies/therapeutic solutions for patients, with a particular emphasis on older patients, and neurologic, metabolic and oncologic diseases. In fact, 3DS researchers have a strong commitment to innovate, either with novel drug substances, novel formulations and therapeutic strategies, novel methods for efficient detection/monitoring of medicines, toxics, and drug interactions, and development of tools and technologies that improve the use of medicines by the population.

General objective:
To contribute to better medicines, better medicines’ use, and the development of tools for efficient detection/monitoring of medicines, toxics, and drug interactions.

Specific objectives:
1. To discover (design, synthesize) novel drug candidates, with a focus on anticonvulsant, antitumor and antigout properties.
2. To develop bioanalytical methods for the identification and quantification of compounds (drugs and toxics) in biological specimens.
3. To develop and assess novel pharmaceutical systems in non-clinical models (i.e., pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic-based evaluation), with a focus on intranasal/nose-do-brain drug delivery of anticonvulsants and neuroprotective agents (stroke).
4. To evaluate and improve the use of medicines, with a focus on data from the Portuguese pharmacovigilance system and population-based pharmacoepidemiology studies.

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