Axioimager A1

The Axio Imager A1 is an up-right microscope equipped with a MRC camera, transmitted-light and reflected-light. It is used in biology and medicine for the examination of blood and/or tissue specimens, as well as for materials examinations.


Magnification Model Type NA WD (mmm)  
1.25x EC Plan-Neofluar Dry 0.03 4.0 more info
5x A-Plan Dry 0.12 9.9 more info
10x EC Plan-Neofluar Dry 0.3 5.2 more info
40x A-Plan Dry 0.65 0.45 more info
63x EC Plan-Neofluar Oil 1.4 0.19 more info
100x A-Plan Oil 1.25 0.15 more info


Filter Sets

Filter Set Excitation Beam Splitter Emission  
Set 15  BP 546/12 FT 580   LF 590 more info
Set 38HE BP 470/40 (HE)  FT 495 (HE)  BP 525-50 (HE)  more info
Set 49 G365  FT 395  BP 445/50  more info
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