Axio Observer Z1

The Axio Observer Z1 system is a fully motorized inverted widefield microscope, ideal for live imaging experiments. It is equipped with a perfusion chamber and valves and heated platform, used to perform life cell imaging. It is also linked to an ultra high-speed wavelength switching xenon arc lamp Lambda DG-4 system for calcium imaging experiments.


Magnification Model Type NA WD (mmm)  
5x A-Plan Dry 0.12 9.9 more info
10x A-Plan Dry 0.25 4.5 more info
20x LD Plan-Neofluar Dry 0.4 7.9 at cover glass 0.75 more info
40x LD Plan-Neofluar Dry 0.6 2.9 at cover glass 0.75 more info
40x Fluar Oil 1.3 0.16 more info
63x Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.4 0.19 more info
100x EC Plan-Neofluar Oil 1.3 0.20 more info


Filter Sets

Filter Set Excitation Beam Splitter Emission  
Set 20  BP 546/12 FT 560   BP 575-640 more info
Set 38HE BP 470/40 (HE)  FT 495 (HE)  BP 525-50 (HE)  more info
Set 49 G365  FT 395  BP 445-/50  more info
FURA2-Set 21 340/30 (HE)  FT 409 (HE)  BP 510/90 (HE)  more info
Filter Set 48 FRET CFP/YFP shift free (E) BP 436/20 FT 455  BP 535/30  more info


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