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 3rd Cycle Degree     Departamento de Gestão e Economia [Portuguese]

Study plan/Branches   Economics
CNAEF classification 314 | Decree no. 256/2005 [PT]
Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette Order no. 7049/2011 - DR 2nd series, n.º 89, 09 May [PT]
Assessment/Accreditation/Registration DGES Registration R/A-Ef 1279/2011, 18-03-2011
Mode of study tutorial
ECTS 180

General Access Regime  


Profile of the programme elaboration of an original doctoral thesis in economics
Key learning outcomes an original doctoral thesis in economics
Occupational profiles of graduates teaching and research, private firms (mainly banks)
Learning facilities those of the Human and Social Sciences School of Universidade da Beira Interior
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]

Departamento de Gestão e Economia

Estrada do Sineiro, s/n
6200-209 Covilhã
275 329 164

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
António Manuel Cardoso Marques


Scientific Committee
Alcino Fernando Ferreira Pinto Couto
José Ramos Pires Manso
Pedro Ferreira Guedes de Carvalho
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