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Rectoral Team

  • The Rector is elected by the General Council for a term of four years and is assisted by Vice Rectors and Pro-Rectors in specific tasks.

  • Rector

    António Carreto Fidalgo

    The Rector of the University is the most important entity of government and of external representation of the institution, who conducts the policy of the University and chairs the Management Board.

    About the Rector


    Sónia Marisa Alves Mendes
    Tel.: 275 329 172
    Ext.: 2001



  • Vice-Rectors


    Finance Area and Projects


    It is up to the Vice Rector for the Finance Area and Projects to oversee the administrative and financial management, to coordinate the planning and development of projects and works and the facilities maintenance and to coordinate the technical services and the CFIUTE.

    Mário Lino Barata Raposo


    Research Area


    The Vice Rector for the Research Area is responsible for the coordination of issues related to investigation, as well as those related to the scholarships application processes, presented by the UBI centres and departments. He also nominates the jury elements to the PhD examinations, to which he chairs, as it happens when it comes to aggregation examinations and other contests of the teaching career.

    Paulo Rodrigues Lima Vargas Moniz


    Teaching, internationalisation and career prospects


    The Vice Rector for Teaching, Internationalisation and Career Prospects is responsible for overseeing the management of academic services and coordinate the actions concerning mobility, internationalisation and job opportunities, as well as those related to attracting new audiences for the University courses. It is also his function to coordinate and develop the e-learning policy and oversee the activities related to social action.

    João Manuel Messias Canavilhas


    Projects Area


    The Vice-Rector for the Projects Area is responsible for coordinating the dissemination of all necessary procedures for the submission and signature of national and international R & D Projects. It is also within its competence to coordinate the GID - Office of Innovation and Development, which is also responsible for project management. It is also responsible for coordinating the cooperation between UBI and companies, and other public and private entities, formalizing the necessary collaboration protocols.

    José Carlos Páscoa Marques



  • Pro-Rectors


    Quality Area

    Ana Catarina dos Santos Carapito

    Social Responsability

    Anabela do Rosário Leitão Dinis

    Coordination with the Community in the Health Area

    Manuel Carlos Loureiro Lemos

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