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 2nd Cycle Degree     Departamento de Ciências Médicas [Portuguese]

Study plan   Gerontology
DGES code
CNAEF classification 723 | Decree no. 256/2005 [PT]
Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette Order no. 1268/2014 - DR 2nd series, no. 18, 27 January [PT]
Assessment/Accreditation/Registration A3ES Preliminary accreditation, 12-12-2011
DGES Registration R/A-Ef 1345/2011, 18-03-2011
Mode of study Daytime
ECTS 120

General Access Regime  

Admission Requirements Graduation in Health Sciences or in Sociology, Social Work, Nutrition or Psychology.
Vacancies 20 (2015)


Profile of the programme The Master’s Degree in Gerontology is a university degree and its fundamental objective is to prepare masters with scientific, technical, human and cultural training which is adequate to their insertion in an increasingly important and emergent market niche in current Portuguese society which has been undergoing rapid demographic ageing. The Master’s Degree in Gerontology is based upon a syllabus which aims at developing professional competences for assessment and intervention in the field of Gerontology, which will be crucial to those who are directly involved in healthcare to elderly people, namely in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Occupationl Therapy, Physiotherapy and Social Work
Key learning outcomes At the end of the Master's Degree in Gerontology, the student should be able to: 1. Develop competences and action methodologies in the field of Gerontology and apply them for the comprehension and resolution of multidisciplinary issues related to the health of the elderly. 2.Demonstrate autonomy, critical thinking and creativity in an emerging field of the work market, mainly at national level, thereby facilitating the integration and professional upgrading in this field. 3.Develop professional or scientific and technological research projects in the field of Gerontology and Geriatrics
4. Contribute towards improving healthcare to the elderly.
Occupational profiles of graduates The Master’s Degree in Gerontology aims to offer graduates in Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physiotherapy, Social Services and related fields access to specialized and advanced training in Gerontology. This training will allow MSc in Gerontology graduates to carry out tasks in various fields of healthcare to the elderly, namely at hospitals, healthcare centres, daycare centres, homes for the aged, with quality and efficiency. This will contribute twoards better quality of life for the elderly.
Learning facilities The Master’s Degree in Gerontology takes place at the Faculty of Health Sciences, which has several facilities where students may enjoy high quality teaching. Among others, these include several Tutorial Rooms, 3 Rooms for Self-Learning (each with around 100 computer terminals), several Seminar Rooms and Study Rooms, 3 Amphitheatres holding around 100 seats each, a Grand Auditorium holding 500 seats, Physiology Laboratories, Skills Laboratories, a Medical Simulation Centre, Histology Laboratories, Pathology Laboratories, Anatomy Centre, various Multidisciplinary Laboratories for Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry, as well as a Library.
The Faculty also has a Helath Sciences Research Centre (CICS), which is an interdepartmental Research and Development Unit sponsored by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. CICS has a strong scientific output and is involved in various basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological and public health research studies.
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]

Departamento de Ciências Médicas

Avenida Infante D. Henrique
6200-506 Covilhã
275 329 002
275 329 003

Course Coordinator(s)

Course Director
Maria da Assunção Morais e Cunha Vaz Patto
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