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Issues on Contemporary Society

Code 13121
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 5
Workload TP(45H)
Scientific area Sociology
Entry requirements No requirements.
Mode of delivery Face-to-face.
Learning outcomes - Students should contact current social and sociological issues;
- Students should acquire the necessary critical thinking tools to be able to question and debate contemporary society;
- Students should be able to formulate critical questions about current society in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres;
- Students will eventually be able to suggest original questions or problems for research.
Syllabus 1. Introduction: social versus sociological issues.
2. Themes:
2.1 Capitalism and globalization
2.1.1.Portugal in the European and global context
2.2 Social Inequalities: a sociological view of the COVID-19 crisis
2.3 Environment, sustainability and consumption;
2.4 International Migration and Refuge, Gender and Sexuality, Public Policies and Human Rights
2.5 Image, body and idealization: from aesthetics to performance;
2.6 Theme chosen by the class.

Main Bibliography - Bauman, Zygmunt (2000). Liquid Modernity. London: Polity Press
- Costa, António Firmino da (2012). Desigualdades Sociais Contemporâneas. Lisboa: Editora Mundos Sociais.
Giddens, Anthony (1999). O Mundo na Era da Globalização. Porto: Editorial Presença.
Gore, Al (2007). Uma verdade inconveniente. Lisboa: Gradiva
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-06-21

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