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Os Sig em Avaliação de Impactes Ambientais

Code 13290
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload OT(6H)/T(4H)/TP(20H)
Scientific area Environmental Sciences
Entry requirements Knowledge of operations with GIS tools.
Mode of delivery Classroom (practical and laboratory classes)
Work placements None
Learning outcomes This course aims to analyze the main environmental impacts associated with engineering works and propose the necessary measures to minimize their negative effects on the environment, as well as to demonstrate the usefulness of GIS tools in this area of ??knowledge. At the end of the course students should have acquired the following competencies, as well as the ability to autonomously deepen them:
a) Recognition of the environmental consequences of the construction, operation and deactivation of engineering works;
b) Understanding the different phases of the EIA process and the EIA components;
c) Understanding the potential of GIS tools for the assessment of environmental impacts and for environmental monitoring.
Environmental problems resulting from the construction of engineering works. Evolution of the environmental
policy. Principles and objectives of the sustainable development. Sustainability indicators. Use of GIS tools in environmental management.
The AIA process. Phases of the AIA. Methodologies and evaluation techniques. Scoping.
Public participation. Environmental Impact Statement. Post-evaluation.
Structure and components of the EIA. Forecasting methodologies of environmental impacts using GIS tools.
Environmental monitoring techniques using GIS.
Main Bibliography 1. Morris P. (2001). Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment. 2º Edição, Spon Press, New York, EUA, 416
2. Albuquerque A. (2006). Processo de avaliação do impacto ambiental e estudos de impacto ambiental. Textos
de apoio, Covilhã, Março de 2006, 73 pp.
3. Albuquerque A. (2006). Estudos de impacto ambiental. Textos de apoio, Covilhã, Março de 2006, 23 pp.
4. Albuquerque A. (2005). Modelos e técnicas de previsão de impactes ambientais – qualidade da água e ruído
associado a tráfego e obras de construção. Textos de apoio, Covilhã, Junho de 2005, 102 pp.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria The evaluation is performed by the classification of an individual work (100%). The evaluation criteria may be reviewed annually in accordance with the General Knowledge Assessment Rules of UBI.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2022-06-21

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