NatProMicro – Natural Products & Microbial Research




Group Coordinator: Rita Palmeira de Oliveira
Vice-coordinator: Susana Ferreira

Group description:
NatProMicro is a research group working mainly on the valorisation of natural products as ingredients for biomedical applications with a strong focus on unmet needs from the food market, medical devices market and drug/therapeutic needs. From extracts preparation and characterisation, through bioactivity studies to product development, the research led by this group brings new knowledge and tools (including methodologies) to support solutions that may be transferred to the market.

While not restricted to the study of natural products, a very strong branch of research of this group is devoted to understanding and modulating virulence and resistance of microorganisms, either pathogens or commensals. Again, from mechanistic studies to clinical samples characterisation, the goal of the group is to pave the way to novel strategies to unmet market needs and societal challenges while adding scientific value to cultural and traditional use of natural products.

natural products, bioactivity, pathogens, microbial interactions

General objective:

Specific objectives:
1. To characterize ingredients and products from natural sources regarding phytochemical composition and relevant bioactivity in view of their potential for biomedical and food applications
2. To develop applications of natural ingredients/products for unmet clinical and wellbeing needs identified as societal challenges, clinical needs and market demands
3. To understand complex interactions host-pathogen and host-microbiota and specific resistance mechanisms addressing these challenges through new actives/products

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