Fluorescence Microscopy Unit



The Fluorescence Microscopy Unit is located within CICS-UBI and is a node of the Portuguese Platform of BioImaging (PPBI), the infrastructure of national roadmap of research infrastructures of strategic relevance. The CICS-UBI Fluorescence Microscopy Unit offers high standard microscopy services, to strengthen both basic and applied research and the collaboration between researchers, institutions and industry. The CICS-UBI Fluorescence Microscopy Unit users receive i) the support and training required to carry out conventional and advanced imaging techniques, based on light and fluorescence microscopy; ii) scientific support for experimental design and image analysis and processing; and iii) continuous education in advanced microscopy approaches through courses and workshops.


Graça Baltazar (head) Ana Raquel Costa Catarina Ferreira

Mail: cics.microscopia@fcsaude.ubi.pt

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