24 of may of 2022  UNITA

On the 24th of May, UNITA DAY will take place at the Anfiteatro das Sessões Solenes of the University of Beira Interior (UBI).

This event aims to make known (or reinforce to those who already know) the purposes of this project to the entire UBI community. It will be a meeting that will have the participation of all those involved in UNITA at UBI, including employees, teachers, researchers and students.

UNITA DAY starts at 2:15 pm with presentation of activities and results by the coordinators of eight UNITA’s work packages. Alongside the UNITA project, the Re-UNITA, INNOUNITA and CONNECTUNITA subprojects will also be addressed in this event.

The event is open to all who want to know better and get involved in UNITA, mobilizing them for the strategic importance if this Alliance. Although the meeting will be in person, it will also be broadcast inside and outsider the UBI.

Applications must be made, until May 17th,  by emailing unita@ubi.pt.


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