Student Assembly

The UNITA Students Assembly is a body of the alliance composed of students from the 12 universities who meet in a plenary meeting once a month.

The Students Assembly acts as a point of contact between the Governance of the alliance and the student population, which comprises around 250,000 students, providing the members of the alliance with feedback on the activities, including the exchange projects.

The Students Assembly deals with issues concerning the student component within the alliance, from the involvement of students in UNITA's decision-making process to the proposal of new projects to be implemented and made available to the partner universities.

The members of the Students Assembly also take part in the Task Team working groups composing the Work Packages, together with the teaching and technical administrative staff, which are the beating heart of the alliance where ideas are translated into activities and implemented.

Participation in the Students Assembly is currently on a voluntary basis but, starting from March 2025, the members will be chosen by the UNITA student population through official elections, which will be held simultaneously in the 12 universities every 2 years: 8 representatives, including 2 postgraduate, will be elected for each university and will participate in works of the alliance.

For further information on the Students Assembly and to participate in its activities you can use the Instagram page (@unitastudentsassembly) or contact

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