UNITA Weekly Talks: weekly online research presentations

12 of may of 2022  UNITA

Starting on the12th of May 2022, UNITA will highlight research projects carried out within the Alliance. Each week, a researcher from one of the partner universities will present a research project. The main objective is to connect university students and staff with research and to promote the networking of research teams within the Alliance. 


What are UNITA Weekly Talks?

Every Thursday from 12noon to 12:30 CET, there will be a presentation by a researcher from one of the UNITA universities. The three Alliance’s Research Axes will be represented:

- Cultural Heritage

- Renewable Energy

- Circular Economy



The objectives are multiple. The main idea is to contribute to the outreach of UNITA to a wide audience, including students and staff of the Alliance. Research carried out within the Alliance will be visible and accessible.

Secondly, the aim is to bring together researchers from the ten UNITA partner universities in order to encourage the creation of research programmes and the submission of joint projects. In this context, the weekly presentations are a complement to the main tool for finding out about research projects carried out within the Alliance: the UNITA research cartography.


Login to UNITA Weekly Talks

Each week, login information will be sent to you by email by the UNITA offices.

See you at the launch on 12 May 2022 at 12noon CET.

For replay viewing: link to the Mediakioske channel: https://mediakiosque.univ-pau.fr/unita-ri-weekly-online-research-presentation/


Contact: frederic.marias@univ-pau.fr

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