Call for applications UNITA Rural Mobility 2024 open

From 08 to 16 of april of 2024  UNITA

UNITA Rural mobility gives Alliances students a unique opportunity to develop their professional and soft skills and contribute to the revitalisation of rural and mountain areas in a destination managed by another UNITA university.

The UNITA Rural Mobility call offers mobility opportunities to be carried out in institutions and enterprises in rural and mountain communities in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Romania between June and November 2024 with accommodation and/or financial support.

Visit the catalogue with the places offered at the other universities:

Students interested in participating should apply on their university's application form.

Visit the call of your university and its specificities:

UBI (Call open until mid-April)

IPG (Call open until mid-April)

UNIZAR  (Call open until 14 April, to be extended if there are vacancies)

UPNA (Call open until mid-April)

UPPA (Call open until 14 April)

USMB (Call open until 16 April)

HES-SO (Call open until 14 April)

UNITO (Call open until 16 April:

UNIBS (Call open until 16 April:

UNITBV (Call open until 12 April)

UVT (Call open until 14 April)


Discover the territory and find yourself with UNITA Rural mobility. Be rural!


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