De 6 a 20 de setembro de 2021  Genérico

The Universitas Montium Consortium (UNITA) invites all the teaching andadministrative staff of its six member universities to attend the very first event of its Teaching & Learning Centers network.

This event is aimed at exchanging good practices on student-centered pedagogies, with a particular focus on collaborative learning and transversal skills. This event will take place in the form of three days of online conferences and workshops occurring on Mondays: September 6, 13 and 20, 2021.

During these three days, professors will be able to share their projects, discuss topics and issues regarding distance teaching in Higher Education, and exchange good practices regarding various topics such as student engagement online, motivation, assessment, use of Moodle and interactive tools for teaching, etc. You will find the detailed program of these meeting days below.

All the conferences and workshops will take place online via the Unita Datacloud platform, previous registration being required by completing the forms at:

The participants will receive the connection links via e-mail one week before the starting of the workshops.

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