European identity and citizenship survey

30 de setembro de 2021  Genérico

This voluntary and anonymous survey is carried out with the aim of collecting perceptions of target groups (students, academics, disadvantaged social groups, civil society) about European identity and citizenship.

Within this framework, an online workshop on the significance of European identity and citizenship will be organized during October 2021 and the results of the survey will support organizers in adapting the workshop and focus groups sessions. The survey was adapted and organized in line with the data provided by the  Eurobarometer.

Estimated time to complete: 20-25 minutes

We kindly ask you to complete the survey by selecting the appropriate answers and filling in short sentences, words or phrases if necessary. By completing and submitting the responses to this survey you give your consent to the use of the statistical data generated for research and dissemination in the context of the activities of the UNITA-Universitas Montium European consortium.

Link to:

Deadline for completion: 30 September 2021

Thank you in advance for your time!

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