UNITA - Research & Innovation Cultural Heritage Hub Workshop “Empowering vulnerable communities in marginalised areas”

De 14 a 15 de outubro de 2021  Genérico

The University of Turin launches on the 14th and 15th october 2021 the Cultural Heritage HUB Research & Innovation with the workshop “Empowering vulnerable communities in marginalised areas” with the participants coming from the six univesities of the alliance.

The event will be opened by the Rector Stefano Geuna.

Topics discussed:
1. An overview of past and current WP4 activities
2. Charting Research : From the Cartography to the Roundtables
3. Cultural Heritage Funding in Horizon Europe
4. Landscape, visual arts, and built heritage
5. Science and technology for conservation
6. Identity and narratives
7. Inherited cultural practices and the future of fragile environments
8. Ancient sites and potentialities
9. Museum outreach

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