UNITA DAY presents alliance at UBI

UNITA   25 of may of 2022
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The University of Beira Interior (UBI) made the UNITA – Universitas Montium alliance known to the entire academic community, at the event called UNITA DAY.

The event presented, during the afternoon of May 24, the purposes and objectives of an alliance that has in UBI, one of the founding universities, together with academies from Spain, France, Italy and Romania.

In addition to the Rector of UBI, Mário Raposo, and those responsible for the “work packages”, the director of the National Erasmus + Agency, Ana Cristina Perdigão, was present.

In the opening speech, Mário Raposo highlighted the importance of the alliance for UBI. “Our participation also means a window of opportunity to relaunch on an international scale (UBI) with a clear impact of its valorization and positioning, allowing the dissemination of knowledge created across borders, attracting talented people, whether students, teachers or researchers”.

In turn, Ana Cristina Perdigão, said she was satisfied with achievements such as UNITA DAY, which allow us to know “more about how alliances are working and seek to increasingly integrate the actions that the Agency takes in these projects that are structuring” .

This was followed by the intervention of the coordinator of the alliance at UBI, the Vice-Rector for the area of Internationalization and Interaction with Society, José Páscoa, and the coordinators of the eight work programs (work packages) that make up UNITA.

There was also the opportunity to get to know three UNITA projects: Re-UNITA, INNOUNITA, CONNECTUNITA, presented by their respective managers, Silvia Socorro, Dina Pereira and Pedro Inácio.

Universitas Montium (UNITA) is an alliance of European universities, officially created on November 6, 2020, the date of the kick off meeting, and is one of the projects supported by the European Commission with the aim of modernizing Higher Education in the European Union.

The session is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1u6EUpZ9SI

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