LOTUS project report is now available!

General   15 of december of 2022
Ficheiro com o nome: lotus

The EU-funded Leadership and Organisation for Teaching and Learning at European Universities – LOTUS project has concluded its work and its final report is now available online. The report summarizes lessons learnt and key messages from the LOTUS activities which aimed at contributing to capacity building and strategic change management for learning and teaching at higher education institutions (HEIs) across Europe, and explored the potential of various actors (HEIs, ministries, national agencies, university associations, student and staff unions, etc.) to support transformation and innovation in learning and teaching.

The report details priorities and common challenges in learning and teaching identified by HEIs, in topics such as student-centred learning, teaching staff development, inter-institutional collaboration and digitalisation, and provides examples of practices and leadership approaches to address them. It also addresses the concept of leadership in teaching, which has been a horizontal issue in all project activities, and provides recommendations for HEIs in this regard.

The key findings from the report were presented in a webinar. Watch the recording on EUA's YouTube channel.

To stay up to date with EUA’s work on learning and teaching, you can follow #EUALearnTeach and/or join the LinkedIn group “Learning & Teaching in European Higher Education”.

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