ESA 2023: An unforgettable experience for European students

UNITA   21 of july of 2023

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From  31 May to 2 June the second edition of the European Students Assembly took place in Strasbourg.

During the assembly, 230 students from 40 European University Alliances gathered to exchange ideas and collaborate on shaping the future of Europe. UNITA was represented by 8 students from the different partner universities.

UNITA students with Philippe Gréciano, President of the French-German University and Marcella Costa, Scientific Coordinator of UNITA - Universitas Montium

The organizers had designed a rich and stimulating programme that gave participants the opportunity to put their ideas into practice and promote positive change in their communities and beyond. Over the four days of intense activity, the students participated in workshops, conferences, group discussions, and collaborative working sessions.


Alvi Muhammed, student from the University of Turin, participated as coordinator in panel 1 on democracy.

Muhammed and his panel group

“Attending ESA '23 was an incredible journey, filled with inspiring discussions and the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds. The knowledge gained and the connections made will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth,” said Muhammed.


Alessia Pascarella from the University of Turin participated in the European Student Assembly 2023 as a member of panel 10. The topic of her panel was “Contribution to the European Year of Skills - What role can higher education institutions play in reducing the skills gap?”.

Alessia Pascarella at the European Parliament

“The main objective was to define what the skills gap is, if there is one in Europe, and how higher education institutions can help to bridge it. Our work started in March, months before the Assembly, which took place in Strasbourg from 31 May to 2 June. Within the panel, they divided us into sub-groups to work on different aspects of the skills gap: defining skills, internships, artificial intelligence, green and digital transition. We researched the skills gap in Europe in terms of internships and practical skills, with a focus on healthcare, which is my field of study. My sub-group compared the internship systems in the European countries, taking into account the length, the obligation, the retribution (if any) and so on. After discussions with experts and among the students, we started to draft policy proposals: short recommendations to be presented and voted on by the Assembly in Strasbourg.


During the days spent in Strasbourg, the students refined the proposals, working as a team on the drafts prepared by each sub-group in order to select the best.

We then presented the following recommendations to the Assembly:

  • 1 | Search the Gap: A Comprehensive Skills Survey
  • 2 | Talent without Borders: Innovative Scholarship and Mobility Programmes
  • 3 | AI to Qualify: Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Educational Processes
  • 4 | ESA is a Skill: Create and Implement a Framework for Skills Recognition
  • 5 | Boosting Curriculum: Compulsory Internships for Students
  • 6 | HEI + Industry = Partners. Agreements for Internships


All recommendations proposed by panel 10 passed the vote of the Assembly and have been integrated into the final document, edited by the ESA steering committee, which will now be shared during the dissemination phase.“


Sara Marovelli from the University of Turin participated in the European Student Assembly 2023 as a member of panel 1 on democracy.

“Democracy was a key theme of ESA 2023. We as participants explored different forms of government and analyzed mechanisms to promote participation and representation. Through political debate simulations and role-playing games, we had the opportunity to put our leadership skills into practice and express our opinions on current issues affecting Europe and the world at large.

We addressed global environmental challenges and worked together to develop innovative solutions that could contribute to a more sustainable future. Through research projects and interactive presentations, we demonstrated a deep sense of the urgency and commitment to finding concrete solutions to protect our planet.

We addressed complex issues such as terrorism, migration, and global crisis management.

Leisure time activities were organized to foster a deeper and more meaningful exchange of ideas. From informal networking sessions to an evening dedicated to European culture and diversity, we had the opportunity to get to know each other, make lasting connections and discover the power of young and creative minds from different backgrounds.


It was remarkable to see how these moments of fun sparked creativity and inspiration among the participants. Many of us found innovative solutions to complex problems while playing a team game or chatting informally with new friends. This tangible demonstration of the power of human interaction and the exchange of ideas made ESA 2023 an unforgettable experience for us all.


ESA 2023 has shown that students are ready to face the challenges of the future with courage and determination. Through initiatives like this, we have the opportunity to express their ideas, acquire skills and implement concrete solutions. The event laid the foundation for a new generation of conscious leaders, ready to contribute to social, economic and environmental progress.


At the end of ESA 2023, the enthusiasm and energy will remain as a driving force for change. We will take with us the knowledge, experience, and connections we gained during the event, spreading inspiration and commitment in our schools, universities and communities.


ESA 2023 was just the beginning of a journey where we students will shape a better future for all.


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