UNITA's First In-Person Cultural Heritage Scientific Meeting

UNITA   15 of july of 2021
Ficheiro com o nome: reuniao_heritage_uppa

The members of UNITA team at the Pau University were very pleased to host on July 6th the first meeting of UNITA's Cultural Heritage Scientific Committee. The one-day meeting allowed researchers in the interdisciplinary field of Cultural Heritage – one of the three main thematic areas of UNITA – to exchange on different projects carried out within our consortium. These projects range from exploratory initiatives to well-advanced programs in heritage landscapes, contemporary art, conservation technology, oral history, infrastructural heritage, rural environments, museum outreach, (in)tangible heritage, and many other exciting and innovative topics.

The Cultural Heritage Scientific Committee meeting also allowed us to finalize the organization and design of UNITA's future Research and Innovation Hubs, that will be launched officially in the upcoming months. We were able to discuss possible strategies to make this particular Cultural Heritage Hub as responsive and competitive as possible in terms of funding possibilities, such as the European Commission's new Horizon Europe program. Finally, the meeting was an opportunity to plan the future roundtables to be held in Torino mid-October 2021. We look forward to this date to see everyone present at Pau again, to meet many other colleagues from the six universities, to learn about each other's research interests, to organize future collaborations, and, last but not least, to launch UNITA's Cultural Heritage Research and Innovation Hub.

Thanks again to all of those who participated at the Pau meeting and see you soon in Torino!



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