UNITA integrates four new partners

UNITA   24 of september of 2021

Universitas Montium will be expanded with new institutions from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Romania.

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The UNITA – Universitas Montium consortium will integrate four new partners, which were proposed by the founding universities. During the meeting of representatives of the participating academies, which took place on September 23 and 24, in the city of Pau (France), the new partners were officially presented.

The institutions that will contribute to the expansion of the alliance are the University of Brescia (Italy), the Public University of Navarre (Spain), the University of Transylvania in Brasov (Romania) and the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (Portugal).

The increase of the consortium, with the purpose of competing for new candidacies of the European Union, has been a UNITA objective. In July of this year, the Governance Board analyzed this possibility in view of the European Union's commitment to supporting these groups, to which it entrusted the conception of the European Space for the Education of the Future.

UNITA is one of the entities of this broad project that bets on the reconfiguration of European Higher Education and has as founding members the University of Beira Interior (Portugal), the University of Pau et des Pays de L'Adour, the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (France), the University Vest di Timisoara (Romania), University of Turin (Italy) and the University of Zaragoza (Spain).

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