UNITA "European Citizenship and Identity" award

UNITA   15 of february of 2022
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UNITA "European Citizenship and Identity" award given to a UBI student

Political Science student wins prize promoted by the UNITA - Universitas Montium consortium, with the work "Youth Parliament: programmes, processes and youth civic experiences".

The PhD student in Political Science of the University of Beira Interior (UBI), Vinícius Barbosa Albernaz, won the UNITA Prize "European Citizenship and Identity", promoted within the UNITA - Universitas Montium consortium.

The working group dedicated to European Citizenship and Identity awarded the prize to the student's Master’s dissertation entitled "Youth Parliament: programmes, processes and civic youth experiences".

The award was based on the quality of the work and the relevance of the analysis of models of political participation that allow the integration of young people in political decision-making processes.

The jury responsible for awarding the prize was made up of UBI professors Bruno Ferreira Costa, Catarina Sales de Oliveira, Guilherme Marques Pedro and Alexandre da Costa Luís.


Giulia Rossi won the master prize of the first edition of the UNITA alliance award for the University of Turin.

“Among the areas that require effective cross border cooperation policies, the Alpine ones are of primary importance: they have always been a natural border and have been the scene of migratory flows, battles, cultural, economic and social exchanges”.

The subjects of the thesis concerned the strengthening of the European identity through the understanding of its past and present developments in the fields of law, history, sociology and political science. The winning thesis “The mountain territorial development. Cooperating to compete in the JardinAlp case” was developed by Giulia Rossi under the supervision of prof. Paolo Giaccaria, prof. Francesca Zanutto and prof. Mauro Accornero as part of the Master's Degree in Business Management, Marketing and Strategy. The work analyzes the cross-border cooperation policies, object of the call and, in particular, those relating to the INTERREG ALCOTRA area (Latin Alps for Cross-border Cooperation), including the Autonomous Region of Valle D'Aosta, the Provinces of Cuneo and Imperia and the Metropolitan City of Turin, the Departments of the Alps of Haute Provence, the High Alps, the Maritime Alps, Savoy and Haute-Savoie.

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In particular Giulia takes us on this journey called JardinAlp, promoted as part of the Interreg VA Italy-France program (2014-2020), for the rebirth, conservation and promotion of eight alpine botanical gardens: Charance, Lautaret, Paradisia, Castel Savoia, Chanousia, Saussurea, Valderia and the Alpine Botanical Stations in the upper Pesio Valley (Marguareis) together with the Phytoalimurgical Garden.

"Borders - it reads in  the report - are the existential condition of the human being. Studying them can be as fascinating as it is deleterious, especially if the discourse is placed in the political context: wars, power games, betrayals and alliances are the main causes of the configuration of today's borders. Borders are the result of the political balances that have followed one another over the centuries, but their conception held by individuals perhaps has a more relevant weight. For this reason, cross-border cooperation policies are effective only if supported by the willpower and perseverance inherent in the soul of the inhabitants of the borders. Europe is certainly the protective entity of these cooperative needs; in it there is the highest concentration of border inhabitants in the world, with border lines that extend for more than 10 thousand km and border areas that cover an area of ​​about 500 thousand km2. "


UNITA "European Citizenship and Identity" award given to UVT students


The present speakers are the winners of UNITA's contest of bachelor and master thesis regarding European Identity and Citizenship, both students at West University of Timișoara. 

Safta Andrada-Maria, winner of the bachelor's prize, is studying International Relations and European Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences. 

Țăran Alexandra, winner of the master's prize, is studying Fiscality and Fiscality Consultancy at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. 

They were both excited to be a part of a challenging contest in which they were able to express solid points of view connected to issues of European identity in a competitive context. 

Their effort was rewarded with prizes in money, UNITA goodies and last but not least, an unforgettable academic experience.


UPPA awards for the best dissertations related to Europe 

For the Bachelor's degree category, the prize goes to Tom Eckenschwiller for his dissertation entitled "The North-South division in the Economic and Monetary Union".

"One of the initial objectives of the Economic and Monetary Union with the establishment of a common currency, the euro, was to lead to a convergence of the different economies. However, since its inception, the differences in economic performance between the northern and southern countries have not been reduced and have even tended to increase. The aim of this research is to identify and analyze the various factors that have contributed to the widening of the division between a prosperous North and a more troubled South”.

  • Tom Eckenschwiller, Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management

The best thesis in the Master's category was awarded to Laura Cascino for her thesis entitled "Access to a dignified death through the prism of the European Court of Human Rights".

"My reflection aims to delineate the issues and possible perspectives that revolve around the question of the end of life with dignity, under the prism of euthanasia and assisted suicide, in Europe and more specifically from the perspective of the European Court of Human Rights. "

  • Laura Cascino, Master 1 Law and litigation of freedoms



Marcos Raufast García won the Bachelor prize of the first edition of the UNITA alliance award for the University of Zaragoza. 

The winning thesis “Polish Foreing Policy. Relationships with the United States, the European Union and Eastern Europe” was developed by Marcos Raufast García under the supervision of prof. Juan Tovar Ruiz. The work analyzes the foreing policy strategy of Poland and its evolution and changes. The work analyzes the role political parties and decision making bodies have had in the European Union integration and later involvement in the EU activities. Based on several theories regarding international relationships. The author shows how the relevance given to the European Union issues has changed over time and how this relevance is contingent on the political party governing. The work also shows how important it is also to evaluate the relationship of countries with the United States and NATO, to understand the relationship with the EU, both before becoming a member and after being a member.


This was the first edition of the competition, aimed at rewarding master's degree dissertations and graduation final papers on the themes of citizenship and European identity. A second edition of the award is planned for the end of 2022. Stay tuned for more contest like this one and #ClimbYourFuture with UNITA!

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