UNITA research: a conversation between UNITA and its Geminae partners

UNITA   22 of february of 2022
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On the 16th of February UNITA organized its first online focused meeting with our Geminae partners.  Around 100 participants were welcomed by José Antonio Mayoral – UNITA and UNIZAR Rector.


UNITA Thematic areas

During the first part of the meeting, Frédéric Marias (UNITA Research & Innovation coordinator ) presented how research on the key thematic areas (Circular Economy, Cultural Heritage and Renewable Energies) is organized. The UNITA team has created 3 research and innovation hubs and coworking spaces.

They have also elaborated a research cartography allowing to identify who is working on what project at the Universities of the alliance. This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss some of the ongoing cotutelles and the seminars in the thematic areas. Future initiatives were presented, such as topic seminars, micro-credentials or the RE-UNITA project. Following this global introduction to UNITA research, the Hub directors introduced their activities.

Laurence Roussilon-Constanty (UPPA) and Jennifer Cooke (UNITO), director and deputy director of the Cultural Heritage Hub, showed the importance of empowering vulnerable communities in marginalized areas; moreover, they introduced a future call for Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) and Marie Curie projects.

José Maria Fraile (UNIZAR) and Gabriela Mircea (UVT), director and deputy director of the Circular Economy Hub, showed how multidisciplinary this topic is and, therefore, the variety of backgrounds that integrate the hub. For the future, they are also working in micro-credentials, summer schools and a Circular Regions Academy for entrepreneurs, researchers, policy-makers and companies.

Finally, Marcello Baricco (UNITO) presented the Renewable Energies Hub. He highlighted the relevance of adopting a multi-energy approach to solve the challenges of the future. He also revealed the future micro-credentials and the Summer and Winter Schools.


Funding opportunities

The second part of the meeting was devoted to funding opportunities. Dr Martin Penny, Head of Unit for International Cooperation in the Directorate General Research and Innovation (DG R&I) in the European Commission, presented the different funding calls. As showed during his presentation, Horizon Europe represents a great opportunity for international researchers and teams, as the world’s largest research and innovation program. During his presentation the three pillars of Horizon Europe were introduced as well as the main differences among the different calls. As Dr Martin showed, there are 75 actions targeting cooperation and 30 contributing to key multilateral initiatives. 


PhD Schools

The last part of the meeting was devoted to introducing the 6 PhD schools, the characteristics of the programs, the funding opportunities, the key dates and the admission procedures.

In our UNITA Youtube Channel you will be able to find the presentation of the PhD programs of UBI, UPPA, USMB, UVT, UNITO and UNIZAR.


Stay in touch through our website and social media to learn how UNITA research projects evolve in the next months and discover why with UNITA you can ClimbYourFuture!










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