UNITA students at the European Students Assembly

UNITA   01 of april of 2022
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Mathilde Chevallier, Margaux Campion and Nadia Youssouf, students from the University of Savoie Mont Blanc, took part in the inaugural session of the European Students Assembly which was held on 3 and March 4, 2022 in Strasbourg.

This project aims to submit to the European Parliament a report of about twenty pages, consisting of a number of recommendations relating to several complex challenges which the EU must face today.

On this occasion, students from all over Europe were able to meet and discuss various topics such as democracy, security, climate change, health but also the economy, education, migrations and other issues. It was both a real challenge but also a chance to be able to reflect as a group on the major challenges facing Europe today.

Since January, all 250 students were divided into 10 groups with the aim of dealing with the various issues facing the European Union. This goes through the potential need for a European health policy, from a reform of the CAP to the position that the organization should take vis-à-vis the major world powers and its neighbourhood.

In order to prepare for the meeting at the beginning of March, the participants carried out numerous videoconferences with experts allowing them to explore avenues of reflection on their respective subjects. On March 3 and 4, each group established a maximum of 10 proposals relating to their panel, which were all submitted to the entire assembly. The full recommendations will be presented to the European Commission on May 9.

Crédits photos : Mathilde Chevallier & Margaux Campion

“This action has really changed our lives, but especially the way we envision the future. Thanks to this event, we realized that we wanted to get involved, to carry the voice of European youth, which must be heard. It was an unforgettable experience, because you never learn more than by discovering other cultures! “, say Margaux and Mathilde.

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