UNITA supports the Manifesto for the future of universities in Europe

UNITA   28 of april of 2022

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The Manifesto is committed to putting forward the voice of European students in a time when the development of Higher Education in Europe is at stake. In the perspective of the Conference on the future of Europe, students from Bachelor’s to PhD from all European universities were invited to gather and pool their perceptions, ideas and proposals for shaping our future European Higher Education space.

UNITA expresses its support for the Manifesto for the future of universities in Europe. The UNITA partners are indeed strongly committed to implementing common values for an innovative, sustainable and future-oriented university, fostering a peaceful and sustainable growth of the world. In this process European universities can act as powerful enablers thanks to the engagement and involvement of students and staff.

Read and sign the Manifesto on the future of universities in Europe here.

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