H&M - Hormones and Metabolism




Research group coordinator: Manuel Lemos
Research group vice-coordinator: Claúdio Maia

General objective:
The Hormones and Metabolism group brings together researchers that share a common interest in the endocrine and metabolic bases of human disease. Hormones and metabolic factors play an important role in the development of many common diseases in modern society. The group integrates researchers from a multidisciplinary background, who have made contributions to the understanding of the hormonal and metabolic mechanisms involved in endocrine and hormone-dependent cancers, diabetes, thyroid, pituitary and other endocrine disorders, and in the regulation of the reproductive, cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Research carried out in the H&M group encompasses an integrated perspective - from molecule to man - and covers basic, translational and clinical aspects of the field.

Specific objectives:
Specific aims of the group include the study of:
1) the role of hormones, metabolic regulators and genetic susceptibility factors in endocrine and hormone-dependent cancers;
2) the role of hormones in the regulation of the reproductive, cardiovascular and central nervous systems;
3) the molecular mechanisms underlying endocrine and metabolic disorders;
4) the influence of environmental endocrine disruptors in human disease;
5) innovative strategies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of endocrine, metabolic and hormone-dependent disorders.


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