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HANDS-ON COURSE NMR: from theory to practice
11th to 13th December, 2023

HOST: Chemical Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Beira Interior (DQ-FC-UBI).

PLACE (THEORETICAL LECTURES AND HANDS-ON SESSIONS): Health Sciences Research Centre (CICS-UBI), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portu

Course overview:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is one of the most versatile and advanced techniques with widespread applicability in many areas of science and industry. This information-rich and non-destructive analytical tool uses the inherent magnetic properties of specific atomic nuclei to reveal the structure, identity, concentration and dynamics of molecules in minimal quantities of solid and liquid samples, making it an increasingly coveted technique by many research and quality assurance laboratories across the world.

This course aims to introduce participants to the fundamentals of NMR (theory and practice), covering aspects related both to the acquisition and processing of liquid state NMR data.

It will include both on-site theoretical lectures and hands-on practical sessions using the Bruker Avance II 400 and 600 MHz spectrometers available in the NMR laboratory located at the training venue. For those who are not familiar with this technique, the basic theoretical principles of NMR will be reviewed. Standard homonuclear and heteronuclear 1D and 2D techniques usually employed in the structural analysis of molecules will be approached, with special emphasis to acquisition and processing theoretical and practical routines.







Target audience:
This course is aimed at BSc, MSc and PhD students and to all researchers who are interested in learning about NMR spectroscopy.

Full course (theoretical + hands-on sessions): on-site, limited to 15 participants.
Theoretical lectures (only): on-site and online Unlimited number of participants.

The course will be taught in English.

Theoretical lectures topics:
Introduction and General Concepts:
- Spin, angular momentum, magnetic moment;
- Interaction with magnetic fields, Precession, Larmor frequency;
- Relaxation, interaction with radiofrequencies, magnetic coherence, laboratory and rotating-frame referential;
- Saturation.
Theoretical aspects for spectral acquisition:
- Radiofrequency pulses;
- NMR signal (FID) and Fourier Transformation;
- Signal intensity and S/N ratio;
- Sampling, digitalization and detection;
- Digital and real resolution and acquisition time;
- Phase;
- Processing parameters and apodization functions.
Simple pulse experiments - 1H and 13C:
- Pulse calibration;
- Proton decoupling and the nuclear Overhauser effect in 13C NMR.
Multiple pulse experiments:
- Determination of T1 - the inversion recovery experiments;
- Spin echoes - determination of T2 and J coupling modulation;
- The Attached Proton Test (APT).
Introduction to 2D NMR techniques:
- The second dimension;
- Correlation spectroscopy (COSY);
- Other homonuclear techniques (TOCSY, NOESY);
- Introduction to heteronuclear correlation (HETCOR, HMQC, HSQC, HMBC);
- Practical aspects for the acquisition and processing of 2D NMR.
Chemical shifts and J coupling in structural and conformational analysis.
Strategies for the structural elucidation of unknowns.

Course instructors:
Eurico Cabrita (NOVA-FCT, UCIBIO)
Ana Ferreira (NOVA-FCT, UCIBIO)
Helena Coelho (NOVA-FCT, UCIBIO)
Carla Cruz (FC-DQ-UBI, CICS-UBI)
Carla Fonseca (FCS-UBI, CICS-UBI)
Sara Meirinho (CICS-UBI)

Important deadlines:
- 5th December, 2023 - Registration deadline for the full course (theoretical lectures + hands-on sessions).
- 5th December, 2023 - Registration deadline for theoretical lectures, only.

For registration, applicants should fill in the following application form until 5th December, 2023 for full course participation and for participation in theoretical lectures, only.

Registration Fees:
Theoretical lectures (only) - 25€ (includes access to theoretical course materials and participation certificate)
Full course (theoretical lectures + hands-on sessions) - 120€ (includes access to all course materials (theoretical and practical), coffee breaks and participation certificate)

Course payment:
Registration fees should be paid directly to the university. Details will be sent to you by email.

Course Organizers:
Carla Cruz (FC-DQ-UBI, CICS-UBI)
Carla Fonseca (FCS-UBI, CICS-UBI)
Sara Meirinho (CICS-UBI)

Contact: cics.nmr@fcsaude.ubi.pt

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