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Job/Fellowship Reference: EPOS-IP-C4G/BI/009/2017

The University of Beira Interior is opening 2 (two) positions for Research Fellowship (BI) within the framework of the European Union ESFRI project EPOS-IP (European Plate Observing System – Implementation Phase), under the following conditions:

  De 25 de setembro a 9 de outubro de 2017  

  •   UBI

  Bolsas - UBI

Main research field: Computer Sciences

Sub research fields: Information Systems, Web Services

Job description: Each research position will consist of a full time position for a period of 12 months (with the possibility to be renewed until September 2019 under revision of the performance) at SEGAL (Space & Earth Geodetic Analysis Laboratory), Department of Computer Sciences, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal. The selected candidates will conduct research in the field of development of Web Services for management of databases and repositories of geodetic data and derived products. Candidates must hold a Bachelor (Licenciatura) in Computer Sciences or similar areas.

Admission conditions:

- Candidates must have completed a Bachelor (Licenciatura) degree in Computer Sciences or similar areas.

- Proficiency in English.

Preferential Requisites:

o Strong knowledge of Information Systems and Internet Protocols.

o Relevant scientific publications.

o Ability to work in an organized and structured way.

o Good social and team working skills.

o Capacity to work independently, according to the instructions received.

Work plan: The candidate will be responsible for developing and documenting several of the deliverables that UBI is responsible for within the WP10 (GNSS Data & Products) of EPOS, in particular:

- Assist on development of Interfaces and Add-ons for Web Services that are being developed for EPOS.

- Help to maintain Java source codes of existing software and developing new software for implementation of the new database structure for GNSS data and the metadata.

- Help to add more functionality to the current set of queries of the web service interfaces.

- Collaborate with the Integrated Core Services to ensure overall compatibility with the other EPOS Working Packages.

Deadline for candidature and submission form of applications: The application is open from 25/09/2017 until 09/10/2017.

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