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Introdução à Programação

 Non-degree course     Laboratório de Competências Transversais [Portuguese]

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Study plan   Introdução à Programação


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Profile of the programme The objectives of this Course are to: (i) introduce algorithm and programming concepts using Python language; (ii) describe tests and conditions in the context of programming; (iii) study cycles and simple data structures; and (iv) explain the notion of organizing code in units, via the use of functions.
Key learning outcomes It is intended for the student to learn basic algorithmic concepts, enabling the implementation of simple Python programs to solve problems. At the end of the course unit, the student should be able to: understand basic programming concepts and the construction of algorithms; use basic data structures and control program flow; and design and implement simple Python programs to solve problems and perform calculations.
Learning facilities Local: Universidade da Beira Interior
6.ª Fase (Departamento de Informática) - Sala 6.13

Horário: das 18:30 às 21:30
Logotipo: Impulso Jovem STEAM
3 Logotipos: PRR, RP, EU
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