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Student Associations and Groups

Students are the ones who give life to institutions and cheer the places of knowledge, cultural and enjoyment and creation. Their scientific background can be complemented by integrating groups whose purpose is to promote a particular course, activity, culture or sport.

At UBI there are several associations or groups which the student can sign up to make his academic life more productive and stimulating. These are spaces for personal and collective development and constitute an opportunity to live a different kind of experience, like how to learn to coordinate, to work in a team, manage and execute activities, establish relations with various society entities or, simply, a place where one can be sympathetic to others, without expecting anything in return.


  • AAUBI – Academic Association
  • AUBI – Former Students Association

Student Groups

  • Aeroubi – Group of Aeronautical Engineering Students
  • CESUBI - Council of Sociology Students
  • Fashion Design
  • DespUBI – Group of Sport Sciences Students
  • EYE I – Group of Cinema
  • ELECTRUBI – Group of Electrotechnical Engineering
  • IEEE UBI Student Branch
  • MedUBI – Group of Medical Students
  • NAUBI – Group Marketing Students
  • NE CPRI – Group of Political Science and International Relations Students
  • NEDI – Group of Industrial Design Students
  • NEUBI – Group of Electromechanical Engineering Students
  • PsicUBI – Group of Psychology Students
  • UBIGEST – Group of Management Students
  • UBIMedia – Group of Communication Sciences Students
  • UBIPharma – Group of Pharmaceutical Sciences Students
  • UBITEC – Group of Technologies and Information Systems
  • UBIQuímica – Group of Chemistry Students
  • UBINEEC – Group of Economy Students
  • UBIOTEC – Group of Biotechnology Students

Last update on: 26/06/2015

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