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The main mission of the Cuture and Sports sector of the Social Action Services of the University of Beira Interior (SASUBI) is to promote the regular practice of sports by the entire academic community of UBI.

This sector aims to:

  • Promote the academic and sporting spirit, as well as streamline the socialization and the exchange of experiences among students of UBI;
  • Increase exchanges between Portuguese and other university communities from other countries;
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle.

To this end, there are two sports halls, which are located in the Polo II, next to the halls of residence and next to the Santo António canteen.


Sport hall nr. 1

This Pavilion was opened in 1993, having undergone some refurbishment, in 2000, to receive the 16th University Handball World Championship.

GPS coordinates: 40º 16,398 ´ N 7th 30,400 ´° W Sport hall nr. 2

Initially it was an open air ring, opened in 1999, in order to meet the UBI sport’s needs.


GPS coordinates: 40º 16,398 ´ N 7th 30,400 ´° W


Regulation for the use of the sports facilities


The sector has also 2 tennis courts with artificial turf in the Faculty of Health Sciences and 1 maintenance circuit in the surrounding areas of the Social Action Services and of the rectory of the University of Beira Interior.






Competition modalities

Competition activities are aimed at students and their main purpose is to lead students to participate in University National Championships-CNUs - Academic University Sports Federation - FADU.

The activities with regular practice are the following:

Men handball

Men’s Handball



Women's Basketball

Men’s Basketball

Male 11 football

Women's Futsal

Men's Futsal

Roller hockey



Men's Rugby



Women's Volleyball

Men’s Volleyball



The practitioners of other modalities included in the official calendar of FADU’s Competitions, who are interested in representing our academy in the university championships, should contact the SASUBI Cultural and Sporting Activities Department.

Timetable – Competition (link)

Registration form-Competition (2015/2016) (link)


Leisure activities

Leisure activities are aimed at the whole UBI community - students, teachers, non-teaching staff and researchers - and aim to provide the regular practice of physical and sporting activities:

  1. Gym (Cardio and weight training)
  1. Group classes
    • Cycling
    • Located Gymnastics
    • Core Training
    • Step
    • Bokwa
    • Zumba
  • Timetables-Leisure (link)
  • Registration form - Leisure (2015/2016) (link)



The Academic University Sports Federation (FADU) is a Sports Federation which focuses on sport as a tool for training and education and it was born of a movement of several academies of the country aiming to invigorate, stimulate and organize the sport within higher education.

It is assumed as a multi-sports association that intends to foster competition, conviviality and exchange of students from various higher education institutions within and outside Portugal, through the various modalities. It also intends to encourage the competitive spirit, teamwork and fair play by inducing healthy living habits in the academic community. Currently FADU has about 7000 practitioners distributed by 25 modalities.

Founded on March 2, 1990, it is equipped with Sport Utilities since 1995, having grown over the years both in terms of organized activities, and in its number of participants. Nowadays FADU is regarded as one of the greatest sports federations in our country.

Throughout its existence, FADU has sought to win national and international credibility. Proof of this is the participation of FADU as an associate member in the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP), in Portugal Sports Confederation (CDP), in Portugal Paralympic Committee (PPC),in the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and in the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

It should be noted that, in a short period of time, Portugal was chosen to organize 5 World University Championships, 8 European University Championships, of FISU Forum 2004 (in the European Year of Education through Sport) and of EUSA Symposium 2005 (during the celebrations of the International Year of Sport and Physical Education).

Source: FADU







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