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The network of university residences, apartments and suites of SASUBI are intended to accommodate displaced students, enrolled in the University of Beira Interior and, preferably, scholarship holders. These homes provide several services that may be of interest to the student, and whose applications are formalized on an annual basis, in the determined periods by the services. The analysis of each application is based on the evaluation criteria defined in the regulation of the halls of residence of SASUBI.

Network of Residences

Currently, the SASUBI have seven halls of residence, with a total of 821 beds, for the use of students displaced from the University, with a preference for grantees and Portuguese and foreign students from other universities and/or mobility programmes or others. The residences I to VI are located along pole I and Pedro Álvares Cabral residence is situated next to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.


The SASUBI Halls are governed by an internal regulation which sets out the conditions of admission and of use of equipment, standards which have as principles the respect for fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, as well as to guarantee a pleasant and healthy coexistence, tolerance and mutual respect and participation of students in their management, maintenance and cleaning.

The academic accommodation refers to accommodation for periods of more than five months during the academic period of the University (September to mid-July).

Resident students sign an accommodation contract with the SASUBI, upon check-in, after which the rights and duties of the parties are established.

The regulation of the halls of residence is available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.



Students' Applications

In order to formalize the accommodation application, the student must submit an annual application, within the time limit set for this purpose.

Students who join UBI for the first time should submit their accommodation application at the moment of enrolment.

The selected candidate has a deadline of 5 working days to accept the accommodation, sending this declaration filled in and signed to the e-mail In addition, the applicant must formalize his check-in, as it is stated in the regulation of the university halls of residence. If you do not establish any contact or do not accept the accommodation, then other applicants on the waiting list will be contacted.

The candidate on the waiting list may be contacted at any time during the course of the school year, whenever there is a cancellation.


Application deadlines


2015/ 2016


Students who need a room for the next school year 2015/2016 in the Halls of SASUBI must submit their application within the agreed deadlines and on the website

1st Phase: 1 june to 12 july 2015

(Publication of results: 20 to 24 July 2015)


2nd Phase: 27 July to 23 August 2015

(Publication of results: 20 to 31 August 2015)


3rd Phase: 31 August to 3 September 2015

(Publication of results: 4 September 2015)


4th Phase (new students): enrolment period

(Publication of results: every day and at the end of each enrolment period)


Phase for new students and others


List of applications results – Placing of Students


If you have any questions, you should contact the accommodation sector, through the following contacts:



Price list > School Year 2014/2015 

 (Prices in effect since 11/1/2014)



SASUBI grantees and F.C. Gulbenkian (protocols)

UBI students 1st and 2nd cycles

Teachers, Researchers,

3rd cycle students

External Students

Double Room (Shared Toilet) - Res. I a VI

73,36 €*

100,00 €

105,00 €

Double Room (Shared Toilet)- Res.PAC

73,36 €*

105,00 €

110,00 €

Double Room (Shared Toilet) - Chapel and Res.PAC

130,00 €

130,00 €

136,50 €

Single room (Private WC) -Chapel and Res.PAC

140,00 €

140,00 €

147,00 €

Single Room (Private WC) - Res.I to VI

125,00 €

125,00 €

131,25 €

Apartment (Res.I)

T1 Double-1 Person

220,00 €

220,00 €

231,00 €

T1 Double-2 People

140,00 €

140,00 €

147,00 €

* These prices may be changed (according to decision of the Council of Ministers or the Ministry of Guardianship).

If the permanence in the residence is for less than thirty days, the daily rate will be applied until the maximum value of the monthly fee.







11,00 €

8,00 €

External Student

14,00 €

11,00 €

Non student

15,00 €

12,00 €

Bunk beds (up to 30 persons)

8,00 €


Apartment (Residence I)


23,00 €

17,00 €



Temporary accommodation

The temporary accommodation covers short breaks during the school year (to residents’ relatives, participants in congresses, students who wish to visit UBI and the city of Covilhã, students with proven attendance in courses, internships or other academic activities) approved depending on the availability of rooms, or short stays during the non-academic period (between mid-July and mid-September), also known  as Summer Accommodation.



The available residence for summer accommodation is Residence II (96 beds).

Users must submit their student card or other identification document, in case they are not students.

The non-presentation of student card or another document that proves the title of student, implies the payment of the non-student rate.


Procedure for reservations

  1. Filling in and sending the request, at least 5 business days before, to the email
  2. The SASUBI confirm, by e-mail, the availability of your reservation.
  3. Payment of the temporary accommodation in cash or by cheque to the receptionist or, when those who are interested in this kind of accommodation are public or private institutions, by bank transfer or by cheque to the SASUBI.
  4. The SASUBI residences are regulated by an internal regulation that the accommodated users commit themselves to obey.




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