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The SASUBI grant direct aid to students with economic needs, through a scholarship, which represents a social support attributed to students economically in need (não é repetitivo?), consisting of a partial/ monthly (?? – escolher o melhor termo) payment entirely supported by the State. The main purpose of this grant is to promote equal opportunities in school success.

The scholarships awarded by SASUBI are paid directly by DGES.

On his personal page (in DGES-General Directorate of Higher Education), the student can access all the payment operations carried out and he can also update some personal data. The simulator is here.


Other types of scholarships

  • “+Superior” Scholarships
  • Local authorities scholarships
  • Scholarships granted by other entities
  • Merit scholarships and Educational Awards

Equipa - Team

Manager/ Responsible

Head of sector

High-level technician




We inform students that the deadline for submission of the application for scholarships for the academic year 2014/2015 (ATUALIZAR!) runs from 25 June until late September. Students should access the BeOn platform through their own access data.

With regard to the accreditation process, the following must be considered:

  1. If students have access to previous years BeOn credentials, they are allowed to use the same or they can even recover the credentials on the front page of BeOn (in Forgotten your user code or your password? - link), stating your phone number, as well as your identity document;
  2. If students are not included in the base BeOn, they should carry out a pre-registration in the headquarters of the Social Action Services of Universidade da Beira Interior (SASUBI), located in Quinta de Santo António, during public service and support providing periods: 09:00-12:30 and 02:00 pm-5:30 pm. To that end, they must present the following identification and contact elements:
  • Nº identity card/card;
  • Tax identification number (NIF);
  • ID number of the Social Security (NISS);
  • Cell phone number.

Note: If you are unable to pre-register in person, you can send an email to

See the requirements and procedures for the application for scholarship in SASUBI.


Results of Scholarship applications

Publication of the results

  • The applications results are provided individually on the candidate’s personal page.
  • When the analysis of the application is concluded, the candidate will receive an SMS or an e-mail with the information that the Interim Result is available on his personal home page. Since the date of the result’s publication, the candidate has 10 working days until the hearing of stakeholders.
  • After the hearing of stakeholders, the candidate receives an SMS or an e-mail indicating whether the Final Result is available. From the date of disclosure, he has 15 working days to submit the claim form in the field Process State/ Result Query on his personal page.


Lista de Resultados - RESULTS LIST

(Apenas alguns exemplos:)

  • Overview Map (last updated 1/2/2015)




Legislation and Regulation




  • Regulation of scholarships awarding to students in higher education

Consolidated version revised August 27, 2014









Documentos - Documents







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