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Located in a mountain region, Covilhã is at the center of one of the most important European cultural routes, the Route of Wool, raw material that dictated its primary activity and that has been shaping his social and economic identity for centuries. Land of grandiose landscapes of rare beauty, the city is surrounded by historic villages, Medieval Jewish quarters and legendary castles, but it knew how to modernize itself, featuring an array of leisure and sports equipment that invite you to get out of the house and enjoy your spare time.



Town of wool and access door to the Serra da Estrela mountains, Covilhã was the birthplace of 16th century discoverers and it is today a cosmopolitan university town.

Here we leave some suggestions:

Monuments of the town:

  • Igreja de Santa Maria Maior - Baroque church whose peculiarity is its the façade covered with tiles;
  • Igreja de São Francisco - Gothic church that belonged to the former convent of St. Francis;
  • Igreja da Misericórdia da Covilhã - Mannerist Church, situated in the heart of the city;
  • Capela de São João de Malta - small chapel that belonged to the order of Malta;
  • Capela Românica de S. Martinho - Romanesque chapel. It is the oldest building in the city. It is said that here Pêro da Covilhã got married here in 1478;
  • Capela do Calvário - Gothic chapel whose interior was covered with gilt and paintings depicting the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Torre de S. Tiago - built in the 19th century, is one of the ex-libris of Covilhã for being seen from any port of the city;
  • Real Fábrica de Panos - Royal manufacture, founded by the Marquis of Pombal in 1764. Currently converted in the Wool Museum and classrooms of the University of Beira Interior;
  • Convento de Santo António - Former Franciscan convent, founded in 1553, converted by the Universidade da Beira Interior in the Rectory.
  • Muralhas da Covilhã - Built by order of King Sancho I, later extended by King D. Dinis. They were greatly damaged by the 1755 earthquake. Currently there are only a few sections of this building.
  • Monumento a Nossa Senhora da Conceição - Near Santo António, Covilhã.
  • Monumento a Nossa Senhora da Boa Estrela - Monument carved in the rock in honour of the patron saint of shepherds. Is situated at the base of Torre (Tower), the highest point of Continental Portugal.


The city's museums

  • Wool Museum of the University of Beira Interior
  • Museum of sacred art
  • Museum of art and culture
  • Tell Museum
  • Cheese Museum


Bridges and Elevators

  • Ponte da Carpinteira - Carpenter bridge
  • Ponte Pedrinha - Bridge Pebble
  • Elevador da Goldra - Goldra lift
  • Elevador de Sto. André - Elevator of St. Andrew
  • Funicular de S. João - St. John Funicular


Buildings/places of interest

  • Arca de Água Quinhentista – 1500s Water Ark
  • Banco de Portugal - Bank of Portugal
  • Casa das Morgadas – Morgadas’ House
  • Casa dos Magistrados – Magistrates’ House
  • Judiaria - Jewish quarter
  • Muralhas da cidade - The city walls
  • Portas do Sol – Sun’s doors
  • Varanda dos Carquejais (Serra da Estrela) - Porch of Carquejais (Serra da Estrela)




Municipal swimming pools and river beaches

  • Piscina Municipal da Covilhã - Municipal Pool of Covilhã (Penedos Altos) Tel: 275 327 872
  • Piscina do Jardim do Lago - Lake garden swimming pool (Swimming pool with artificial waves, solarium and recreational space, service area, locker rooms, indoor and outdoor shower, terrace bar, mini library, water aerobics, volleyball, water polo and first-aid kits, surveillance and parking). Opening hours: summer season (June to September) - daily from 10:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Piscina do Teixoso – Teixoso Pool (bar with terrace, locker rooms, indoor and outdoor shower, lawn area for leisure, recreation and solarium, first-aid station, surveillance and parking.) Opening hours: summer season -daily from 10:00 to 8:00 pm.
  • Swimming pools and artificial lakes of Erada (features: Bar, tennis courts, parking, lifeguard surveillance.)

Opening hours: summer season - daily from 10:00 to 8:00 pm

Tel: 964 719 693

  • Alto das Tapadas Pool – Barco (terrace Bar, children's pool, lifeguard surveillance.)

Opening hours: summer season - daily from 10:00 to 8:00 pm

Tel: 275 961 917

  • Tortosendo Pool

Opening hours: July and August - daily from 10:00 to 8:00 pm

Tel: 919 276 108

  • Aldeia do Souto Pool

Rua da Escola - 6200-501 Aldeia do Souto
Tel: 275 913 647

  • River beach of Unhais da Serra
  • River beach of Sobral de São Miguel
  • River beach of Cortes do Meio
  • River beach of Ourondo (Out of Covilhã towards Tortosendo by EN230 (national road). After the intersection to Cortes do Meio, turn left in the direction of Paul. In Ourondo, go about 200 m down the center of the village, until you find a bifurcation to the right (before the bridge) towards the river beach (300 m).

Tel: 275 961 660



Sports Facilities

  • Sports pavilions of the Universidade da Beira Interior
  • Tennis courts of the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Sports complex of Covilhã
  • Municipal Stadium José dos Santos Pinto
  • Ski resorts of Serra da Estrela
  • Skipark Serra da Estrela


Maintenance circuits

  • Rectory of the University
  • Parque da Floresta (Forest Park) (Serra da Estrela)
  • Tortosendo

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