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Mission, vision and values


  • Mission

The mission of the University of Beira Interior is to "Promote high-level qualification, production, transmission, critique and dissemination of knowledge, culture, science and technology, through study, teaching and research".

  • Vision

The UBI shall define itself as an alive and vibrant community, recognized for the quality of its performance in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, and with a strong commitment to the region.


We aim at a University:


    • recognized for solidity and quality of teaching and research, whose graduates, masters and doctors may affirm themselves nationally and internationally for the quality of their training;
    • that does not turn inwards, indifferent to society and to the surrounding world;
    • that plays a crucial role in the social and economic development of the region and of the country; a University that is able to promote and nurture technology-based companies, advanced services, which is a pole of innovation capable of transforming Beira Interior in a region of great human and technological potential; a University that creates partnerships with other regional bodies and that can be a space for networking among them;
    • guided by principles of waste combat and maintained by the efficient management of its resources and processes.
  • Values

The UBI performance is guided by a set of academic and human values that define its identity and promote its collective efficiency:


Intellectual Freedom


    • to provide a creativity and innovation environment, by creating space for change and adaptation;

Academic Integrity


    • teaching and research must be characterized by intellectual and moral independence.



    • to promote global awareness that values tolerance, mutual respect and difference, by promoting discussion and respect for different views;




    • to pursue the highest teaching and research standards, on the basis of a management model oriented to a total quality culture and merit appreciation.


Social Responsibility


    • to promote the collective consciousness of social welfare commitment in its different dimensions (social, environmental, cultural);


Learning for life


    • to promote the pursuit of knowledge as a way to improve social welfare and strengthen the understanding of the individual, going beyond geographical boundaries;




    • recognizing the need to make choices that promote the effectiveness of the objectives and the efficiency in the sustainable management of resources.





Last update on: 02/06/2015

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