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The library of the University of Beira Interior, in comparison with other secular university libraries, is too young. Because of its recent history (it was born in 1982, in Pole I), the rapid growth of UBI and due to the location of its faculties, it is constituted, since 1996, by the library of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (pole Ernesto Cruz); by the Central Library, inaugurated in 2001, as a result of the adaptation of a 19th century small palace; and by the library of the Faculty of Health Sciences, opened in 2002.

Very recently, by Rector's proposal and decision of the General Council of UBI (2014), it has also joined the UBI’s Graphic Services and Publications, which are called Typography. So with this bouquet of poles and services, the library seeks to ensure a proximity service to the academic community, especially to students and teachers, although it was recently opened to the entire surrounding community by creating the “External Reader” figure.

Historically, libraries are older than universities. But since the founding of these they have constituted themselves as their natural allies and privileged spaces for research, creation, preservation and diffusion of knowledge. The Universitas was founded by the freedom to teach and to learn; and only that can keep her alive.

A library assumes in this issue an important role by pursuing and fulfilling the mission of formation of any university. But as important as books and other resources existing in them, is the good atmosphere that characterizes them, the way university students develop a free and creative attitude, responsible to the knowing and to the knowledge. We can say: if the University is alma mater studiorum the library is its beating heart. We wish that it shall be so in the library of the University of Beira Interior.


Last update on: 25/03/2019

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