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Rectoral Team

  • The Rector is elected by the General Council for a term of four years and is assisted by Vice Rectors and Pro-Rectors in specific tasks.

  • Rector

    António Carreto Fidalgo

    The Rector of the University is the most important entity of government and of external representation of the institution, who conducts the policy of the University and chairs the Management Board.

    About the Rector


    Sónia Marisa Alves Mendes
    Tel.: 275 329 172
    Ext.: 2001



  • Vice-Rectors 

    Teaching, internationalisation and Career Prospects


    João Manuel Messias Canavilhas

    The Vice-Rector for the areas of Education and Internationalization is responsible for supervising the management of Academic Services and coordinating actions related to mobility, internationalization and professional opportunities, as well as those aimed at attracting new audiences for university courses. Its functions are also to coordinate and develop the e-learning policy and supervise activities related to social action.
    The Vice-Rector for Education and Internationalization replaces the Rector in his absences and impediments.
    Its competences are also to coordinate and develop the heritage built specifically with regard to the construction, conservation and improvements of buildings owned by the University of Beira Interior and respective competitions; He coordinates the strategic planning of the University's infrastructure; He coordinates Technical Services.


    Area of Competitions of Teachers and Academic Acts


    Mário Marques Freire


    The Vice-Rector for the Area of ​​Competitions for Teachers and Academic Acts appoints the juries of academic tests leading to the doctorate degree and preside over the respective juries, with the possibility of sub-delegation of the Presidency in Full Professor or President of the respective Faculties. It is still up to him to decide on the admission of candidates in the scope of teaching competitions that may be authorized, to preside over juries of aggregation tests and competitions inherent to the University Teaching Career Statute, including the approval of the preliminary assessment report and the final result of the aggregation tests.
    He is also responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Rector foreseen in the Performance Evaluation Regulations of the professors of the University of Beira Interior, including that of presiding over the Coordinating Council for the Evaluation of Teaching Staff, to ratify, within the scope of the Staff Evaluation Coordinating Council Teacher, teacher evaluations or, in case of non-approval, assign a new qualitative mention and its quantification, with the respective grounds. He also has to decide, within the scope of the Coordinating Council for the Evaluation of Teaching Staff, of the complaints regarding the approval of the evaluation, whenever the author of the approval act has been authored.
    He is also the Vice-Rector responsible for overseeing the process of equivalence and recognition of foreign qualifications to the degree of graduate, as well as to the degrees of master and doctor, appointing the respective jury and ensuring the presidency of the jury to the degree of doctor.


    Research and Projects Areas


    José Carlos Páscoa Marques


    The Vice-Rector for the Research and Projects areas is responsible for coordinating national, European Union and International research and development programs, promoting their dissemination and for initiating procedures related to their candidacy, formalization, signature and others, such as the authorization of budgeted expenses in projects; Streamline cooperation between the University and public and private entities, promoting the formalization of interinstitutional protocols in research, innovation and development; He is also responsible for overseeing the participation of the University in international networks dedicated to the evaluation of Higher Education Institutions; He is also responsible for coordinating the Innovation and Development Office, providing for the fulfillment of the Rector's duties as stipulated by the UBI Research Scholarship and Miscellaneous Scholarship Regulation, and overseeing the evaluation process of the Research Units financed by the FCT.


    Financial Area, Human Resources and Social Responsibility


    Anabela do Rosário Leitão Dinis

    The Vice-Rector for Financial Area, Human Resources and Social Responsibility coordinates the processes of non-teaching staff contests, grants employment contracts in public functions, authorizes participation in congresses, seminars, meetings, seminars, seminars and other non-teaching workers activities. In the context of SIADAP, she presides over the evaluation coordinating council of the University of Beira Interior, approves the evaluations of managers and workers and decides on the complaints of the act of homologation of the evaluation, whenever she was the author of the act of homologation. She is also responsible for directing the procedures inherent in collecting tuition fees and for coordinating activities in the area of social responsibility.


  • Pro-Rectors


    Quality Area

    Ana Catarina dos Santos Carapito

    The Pro-Rectory for Quality exercises its powers in the field of institutional strategy for quality and is in close coordination with the Quality Office.


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