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Iniciação ao Latex

 Non-degree course     Laboratório de Competências Transversais [Portuguese]

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Study plan   Iniciação ao Latex


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Profile of the programme The objectives of this Course are to: (i) introduce the typographic system LaTeX, presenting its main characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages; (ii) describe the LaTeX functionalities that enable the structuring of a technical report; (iii) study commands used to manage report content, namely math expressions, symbols, figures, tables, and indexes; and (iv) explain and apply cross-references, bibliography, and acronyms.
Key learning outcomes This course aims to provide the student with the necessary skills to use the typographic system LaTeX to write high-quality reports. At the end of the course unit, the student should be able to: comprehend the structure of a LaTeX project; choose the correct LaTeX document type, and prepare the environment for its writing, importing system packages; structure, format, and produce documents written with LaTeX composed of math expressions, symbols, figures, tables, and indexes; insert bibliographic references and manage bibliography using .bib files; and insert and manage acronyms.
Learning facilities Local: Universidade da Beira Interior
6.ª Fase (Departamento de Informática) - Sala 6.13

Horário: das 18:30 às 21:30
Logotipo: Impulso Jovem STEAM
3 Logotipos: PRR, RP, EU
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