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Branding and Fashion Design

 2nd Cycle Degree     Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia Têxteis [Portuguese]

Study plan/Branches   Branding and Fashion Design

General Access Regime  

Admission Requirements
Vacancies 38 (2019)


Profile of the programme 1. Satisfying an area of professional activity, relating the fashion design to branding, needy in Portugal and in Europe, due to the growth of fashion retailing business 2. Teaching and learning of a multidisciplinary nature, involving scientific areas of fashion design, marketing and branding, textile science and technology and social sciences and humanities 3. Integrating the skills of the course proponents institutions, fashion design (UBI) and marketing and branding (ESMP/IADE), maximizing synergies and results of training, improving the professionalism in the field of fashion 4. Develop a multidisciplinary research area, encouraging the researcher spirit, either in the dissertation, or creating appetite for PhD studies 5. Seizing the opportunity of the students can study near the textile and apparel industries and near the consumer and cosmopolitan market, adding to their professional profile, based on the scientific and multicultural knowledge and the experimental practice
Key learning outcomes At the end of the program the student should: 1. Be able to exploit the knowledge about how to think of human beings for building strategies for the emotional management of fashion brands
2. Interpret market trends and consumer behaviour, in order to establish co-relation between rational and emotional processes, to improve the quality of the activities of the designer or the brand manager
3. Be able to use the methodologies of branding and fashion design project, structuring the strategies of the creative process stages of brand management, fashion design and product development
4. Be able to manage a integrated project of marketing, design and advertising, customer focused, from the brand 'DNA', whether new or re-branding, in an exploratory, innovative and creative perspective
5. Be able for the brand evaluation, suggesting, in professional ethics, new positioning, advertising campaigns, design and product mix, among others.
Occupational profiles of graduates The professional activity of the Master degrees in Branding and Fashion Design implements the concepts of marketing, communication and design, it is of the form of consulting or inserted in commercial or industrial companies and is based on: -Establishment and management of fashion brands on the contemporary market, -Production of fashion, -Elaboration of fashion collections with a focus on the market, -Sourcing of products for fashion collections
This 2nd cycle of studies allows even the transference of skills to proceed: -Teaching and Research Career in the areas affected to branding and fashion design, -Studies with the frequency of the 3rd cycle of studies-PhD.
Learning facilities The Textile Science and Technology Department of UBI have several laboratories and ateliers, allowing the conception, experimentation and materialization of fashion design projects:
Atelier Spinning and nonwovens
Atelier Weaving and knitting
Atelier Patterning and making up
Lab Dyeing, printing and finishing
Lab CAD systems
Lab Quality control of fibres and yarns
Lab Quality control of fabrics.
Classrooms, Libraries and Computer Centre, are also available at UBI.

ESMP/IADE facilities:
School Agency
Studio lab for students of the ESMP.
António Quadros Library
Currently comprises approximately 8000 monograph titles and approximately 60 periodicals titles, of which 20 are foreign publications.
Photograph laboratory, audio-visual laboratory and digital laboratory
Arrange of technological structure of support to all of the students and professors in multimedia activities.
IADE Chiado Center
Cultural Center, that offers 6 distinct classrooms.
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]
Regulation of the Master's Degree in Fashion Design and Branding (Addendum to the Protocol between the UBI and the IADE of December 15, 2009)

Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia Têxteis

Rua Marquês D'Ávila e Bolama
6201-001 Covilhã
275 319 723

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
Maria Madalena Rocha Pereira
IADE Course coordinator
Fernando Oliveira


Scientific Committee
Maria Madalena Rocha Pereira
Manuel José dos Santos Silva
Rui Alberto Lopes Miguel
Carlos Miranda Duarte (UE-IADE)
Maria Theresa Figueiredo Beco Lobo (UE-IADE)
Fernando Jorge Matias Sanches Oliveira (UE-IADE)

Pedagogical Coordination Committee
Year Coordinators
Year Representatives

Recognition Committee
Maria Madalena Rocha Pereira
Rui Alberto Lopes Miguel
Maria Theresa Figueiredo Beco Lobo (UE-IADE)
Fernando Jorge Matias Sanches Oliveira (UE-IADE)
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